Per Ardua Ad Astra

(Through Struggle To The Stars)

Table of Contents

Pilot Training | Called To Duty | Liberators | End of Tour | Epilogue

George LaForme died a couple of years ago at his home at Bowen Island, British Columbia. He and Dad had some good telephone conversations before the end. So except for Barton and Thomas about whom I have no information that leaves Dad, the baby of the Crew. He’ll be 80 next May 6. His memory is getting a little shaky but he is still pretty lucid on the events of his wartime experiences. If you enjoyed the Memoir, drop me a line and I’ll read him the good ones. It would give him much pleasure.

– Mike Allen, December 2001

Dad slipped the surly bonds of earth for the last time on May 6, this year, his 85th birthday, after a long session with Alzheimer’s. His family will miss him greatly. He was a member of a truly remarkable generation.

– Mike Allen, August 2007

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